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The Eone is based on the open source principle. We provide the hardware so you can build a cheap and reliable electric paramotor. The drive unit is designed for a 12090 or 12100 outrunner brushless motor. With a 12090 the Eone has roughly the same power as a Polini Thor 100. The propeller hub has the same measurements as the most common paramotors, which gives you the freedom to experiment with other propellers. We recommend the Hélices E-Props. They are perfec for the Eone. Lightweight, quiet and with low air resistance.

Mounting the Eone on an standard frame is relatively easy. All dimensions are made like most traditional paramotor engines. Even the depth, from the back plate to the prop hub. The mounting holes for the frame are versatile and provides a great flexibility when installing the Eone on to the frame.

Alien Power System has developed a motor specifically for the Eone. It is a modified version of the well known 12090/S motor. It has a 12 mm shaft instead of the standard 10 mm shaft. The shaft is shortened so the 60 mm Eone pulley fits without any DIY modifications. The ball bearings are also improved. This modified motor can be purchased from G-air or from Alien Power Systems. If you buy a complete Eone kit, it is this motor that comes with the kit.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the Eone is NOT sold as paragliding equipment or any other kind of aviation related part or equipment. The Eone is not a certified device and G-air disclaims any responsibility for which application the buyer/user chooses to use the equipment.


Motor spec: ESC spec: Gear spec: 
MOTOR: 12090/S
KV: 80
ESC: 250/300A
SIZE: 120 x 90 ( without shaft )
Stator: 40mm
WEIGHT (g): 2.835
SHAFT: 12mm with 3mm keyway
Internal PCB with 120 degree hall effect sensors 
ESC 450A
32 hight quality power mosfet
Battery voltage from 4S to 24S
3 types of throttle curve
3 types of acceleration control
Motor rotation programmable
Auto cut off power within 3 seconds
Size: 180x90x30
Weight: 870g 


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