G-air is a company led by two guys with a passion for paragliding and paramotering as a hobby. It's not our main business and the focus is not on making a profit. It is with this background that we started the Eone project. There are already some good purpose made direct drive units out there, but they are incredibly expensive. Our primary goal is to offer an affordable environmental friendly alternative to the sport. Not only for the environment per se, but because our engines are noisy which we feel is not consistent with the peaceful experience that we otherwise love about paragliding.

ppg evolutionThe project started us searching the web for other similar DIY projects. There were several nice projects, but not very much data. We then knew what to do. Create a forum with the opportunity to collect knowledge. Not only for us, but for anyone with an interest in E-PPG. Development is not cheap, but by sharing knowledge and experience we believe this initiative can help to keep costs down and thereby benefit everybody. The Eone is our contribution to the DIY community. Visit the E-PPG community and learn more about other DIY projects.